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Growing chickens, turkeys, and produce at our Avonmore, PA farm.


What We Do

We were born in the Pittsburgh Area and want to offer our locale foods that are affordable, seasonal, and as fresh possible.

We work with nature instead of against it to raise our crops while leaving the land in better shape than we found it.

We allow our animals to have fresh air, healthy natural foods, green pasture, and space to be animals. We believe all good things are wild and free.

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Our Blog

  • Announcing the Dutch Ranger
    The Dutch Ranger is our response to creating an ethical Chicken breed. Unlike, most breeds meant for commercial production that have issues with growing so fast their legs, feathers, and hearts can’t keep up; the Dutch Ranger was bred from […]
  • The Chickens are on Pasture
    I officially kicked off the spring weather today by moving the chickens into the field netting. Now, they can run and play in the fresh air and sunshine, enjoy the green space, and have plenty of space to lay down. […]
  • 5 Facts That Will Make You Love Turkeys
    Growing up near a turkey farm I had always thought of turkeys as dirty, dumb, smelly birds. Raising them has taught me that these birds are clean, intelligent, and loveable birds with better personalities and more emotional depth than first […]