The Chickens are on Pasture

I officially kicked off the spring weather today by moving the chickens into the field netting. Now, they can run and play in the fresh air and sunshine, enjoy the green space, and have plenty of space to lay down.

The chickens all fenced in and ready to eat (only 4 right now. The rest will be arriving shortly)

I do live for the birds and I do see a different type of happiness in their eyes when they are out! =) They know they can run around, be adventurous, and find tasty bugs and grasses. Chickens raised on pasture enjoy higher levels of vitamins D and B as well as additional protein from their natural forages.
Happier healthier birds helps us deliver a healthier, tastier bird at the table. It also benefits the fields as the chickens add nutrients to the soil and eat plenty of insects.
I included a few photos of what they are doing so far in the pasture. At this point everything looks great. I will just move the fence to fresh grass every day to allow them to continue to live and grow.

Happy Spring everyone! =)

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